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> 2011/9/17  - Largest coral jewelry stores internation

                                         Largest coral jewelry stores international in Beijing


tianya beautiful coral stores is beautiful coral and day by Taiwan, common development and management of jewelry city. It is reported, Taiwan beautiful coral occupy the world coral raw material supply 70% of the market, and the day is the north city of jewelry in the largest jewelry distribution center. Inspired by their great advantages in resources, beautiful coral stores in the day will stick to the "product marketing quality, the price of the approach" noble "close to people," buy jewelry line "coral enjoy the wholesale price" is one of the main marketing strategy. When you place oneself YuTianYa jewelry, first floor 8000 m2 of city coral jewelry store, wide variety of goods, the service kind warmth, amiable price will make you fondle admiringly, to linger over. Tenya and beautiful the two on both sides of the Taiwan straits famous brand big mergers, co-star in the capital of Beijing, and it will bring the jewellery industry add a beautiful scenery.

Coral is an important organic gems, and also one of the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign likable gem varieties. The ancient Romans thought coral have prevent evil, give a person wisdom, stop bleeding and flooding the function of the heat. Universal in China also has always been considered sacred coral of things, represents the wealth, and honour, and health, the more contain have long life of Italy, and at the same time also is only one of many coral jewelry have life in one thousand that the spirit. China was also seen in the Tibetan medicine and pharmacology, coral figure. Coral and buddhist closely, India and China Tibetan buddhists depending on the red coral is the embodiment of the Buddha, Buddha as offering the mascot of the coral, is regarded as one of the "shippo" buddhists. Coral many used to do, or used for decorative bead gods, is a highly value the jewelry gem varieties.

Taiwan is known as "the kingdom" coral, which has nearly 300 kinds of coral, of the world's coral species a third of the world, and the annual output 80% of production and export 95%. Taiwan is beautiful coral group was established in 1973, is a high quality and credit guarantee of the old jewelry group. The company except self-supporting factory outside, the other in the United States, Italy, India, and China's Hong Kong set distribution stronghold. Company adhere to the principle of good faith, from raw materials procurement, design, manufacturing, wholesale, to sales, schooling. The world's coral jewelry, 80% from Taiwan, and beautiful coral group is a will have one of the more than 70% of the share, is one of the world's most important coral jewelry suppliers in the world jewelry industry, enjoy high reputation. In the past forty years efforts and innovation, beautiful group of consumers with fashion constantly for luxuriant, can eternal heritage of all kinds of coral jewelry and high-end collections.

Tenya jewelry is located in east gate of the temple of heaven, the city of Beijing, is one of the traditional eight business circle, and Beijing famous humanities building-the temple of heaven facing across the street. The geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, the article 16 bus lines in the intersection, also is the subway line no.5 important transit stop. And the surrounding new world department store, he found the city, country and show mall pearl market red bridge and road metropolis street formed by comparing with the most important commercial center in dongcheng district and commercial window.

Tenya jewelry city total construction area of 73000 square meters, with operating jewelry primarily. Internal hardware first-class facilities, with central air-conditioning, escalator, helicopter passenger lifts, monitoring automatic fire alarm and other modern security systems, the more have nearly a parking space free for customers to use. Its business orientation relying on traditional business circle in red bridge vein, based on the rising sun industry, integration and attract jewelry industry resources, will make for north China project jewelry, and finally form a distribution center in the northern region of China's jewelry industry marketing center, terminal retail center, logistics center, brand promotion and exhibition center. In the past two years through continuous optimization of the structure and the product and the state quality supervision and inspection center jewels of further cooperation, at present, the day the city has in the north gem jewelry industry industry leader temperament. Take shape <

> 2011/8/22  - Fashion pearl blossom wen wan beautiful

As the ceaseless development of fashionable tide, the pearl accessories had not grandma of the s and s, the pearl changes its elegant tradition, by fashion stylist strange think of clever want, is back in fashion. In the mix build agitation under, pearl also can be fashionable and individual character so, the popular style that changes to be abounded again, can show the pure and fresh and melting fashionable style, also can develop agile grace will image.

Pearl although no diamond so bright, but it to bring gentle beauty and noble women to be reckoned it!!!!! Now the big names are competing to launch fashionable and novel pearl jewelry, become the belle stars people dotes on gorgeous jewelry.


Becky Johnson (롤Լѷ) set ZhenZhuHua form ring





Assad Mounser

> 2011/8/22  - Merchant, the world walk: walk slowly, m

Everyone is born walk will, why are strongly?

The Chinese health medical association health, points out that although like to walk only potluck general, but the right to walk less known methods. Such as city crowd fast life, pressure big, so often in a walk the nerves, make the walk of preserve one's health of effect played fold, if can slow down the speed of the conscious mind, gentle walk, walk will become a kind of simple and effective health movement, for no time, don't have the energy to exercise the office worker, this exercise low intensity, convenient and feasible, continuous movement is more accord with health.

Reporters on the scene to see, activities in the ceremony, representatives of the Shanghai municipal government, Shanghai sports bureau leadership and merchant enterprise representatives to launch "national fitness initiative" to walk, the Olympic swimming champion le jingyi scroll more alert the public "walking every day 6000 steps" initiative, called on the public to learn the right to walk the walk, the habit of method into the life, such as commuting less sit a Station Road, many climb stairs, every day to take a walk after the meal, family on caravans. Health experts say, walk by the world health organization recognized as "the best movement" is released. This way, walk very suitable for the general public, initiative to develop the habit has the right to walk to promote role.

> 2011/8/10  - Today's latest collection price silver (

Today's latest collection price silver (August 10, 2011) reference price

Beijing time the 2011-8-10 13:48:21 huitong nets

The following is the latest collection price silver today (August 10, 2011) (unit: yuan/g)
Today's latest collection price silver (August 10, 2011) reference price
Silver collection price 5.90-6.91

Time: August 10, at 10 points

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