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Fresh water pearl
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Pearl introduction

Should China is the world's largest freshwater pearl of the origin, and beautiful jiangnan water jiangsu suzhou is China's largest wine producing area of fresh water pearls.
Pearl beauty, representative should tender feelings, love and pure, it was perfect elegant act the role of article. In the universal bright in the world of jewellery, pearl is the most famous royal, can show the characteristics of jewelry, so have again "jewelry the reputation of" the queen. Pearl is also expensive drugs.
Should the freshwater pearl crystal calcium carbonate, 28 containing trace elements, such as selenium, ge, they are all cancer and anti-aging, the prevention and cure of hyperthyroidism, such as chronic pharyngitis efficacy is obvious
Should the effective ingredients can be pearl skin, so long wear skin care, raise colour, dispel spot and elimination of knit effect.


Pearl identify

1, feel law: really cool hand hand, pearl cool; Imitation pearl feel soapy feeling.
2, teeth method: true pearl teeth without smooth feeling, often have the concave-convex feeling greatly, sand sense; Imitation pearl teeth have smooth feeling, forcibly bite off local coating.
Three, the visual-fit method: with natural pearls of colourful, five in a string of the necklace, size, shape also can have differences; Imitation pearl shape is more round shape and unified, rainbow sheen, unified. Very
4, smell law: mild heating tasteless, pearls, a mouth out surface steam mist; Imitation pearl mild heating have peculiar smell, the mouth expiratory have moisture.
5, amplification observation: pearls have texture, can see the surface of generation of crystallization calcium state; Imitation pearl can only see eggshell kind of relatively uniform coating.
6, bounce law: pearls from 60 cm will be falling on the glass, bounce 35 cm high; Imitation pearl on the same condition, copy of poor bounce bead.